2018 Fair – Program Listing Submissions

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2018 Summer Camps & Programs Virtual Fair

The Fair will launch on Saturday morning, March 10th

Please follow the instructions below to submit your program listings for our 2018 Summer Camps & Programs Virtual Fair.
Your program listing for this year will launch on Saturday morning, March 10th and will be continuously listed  through February 2019.

The listing fee is $50.

 To ensure your program description is posted when the Virtual Fair launches:

  1. The deadline for program listing submissions is:  Wednesday, February 28th .  Please pay for your listing by mailing your check to address you receive in our letter, and then submit your program description in the fields below by the deadline.  To get the mailing address, you can also contact us at aauwcampfair@gmail.com.
  2.  Please be sure to submit a logo jpeg for your listing via one of the options listed below.

If you would like to see your program listing from 2017:

  1.  Visit the link below which lists all the 2017 Programs by category.
  2. Then click over to the category page with your listing.
  3. Then scroll down to find your listing so you can copy the text and paste & edit it in the description field further down this page.


♦ Guidelines for the Description Field:

The only text that will appear in your listing is the text you enter in the fields below for the web site url, your organization’s name and your program description.  The other fields are to help us reach you if there are any questions about your listing.

• There is a limit of 1250 characters (including spaces) in the description field.  You can include more info within the 1250 character  limit by using bullets or itemized lists, as these formats do not include a line between items.  Use an asterisk to indicate a bullet.

• The text will all be bold.  To emphasize a word or sub-head, use this squared style of brackets [  ] to indicate any text to be italicized or you can use all CAPS for emphasis.

♦♦ About Your Website Link:

• You can link to any page on your site (not just the home page), by submitting a page-specific url in the form below.

If you have any questions about listing your program, please email us here.

  • Contact & Web Site Information:

  • Website url
  • Your Logo:

  • Send a jpeg with resolution at 72 ppi sized 200 across x 100 height.
    Allowed File Extensions : jpg, jpeg
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg.
  • Program Category:

  • Program Name & Description:

  • 1250 characters — including spaces — are allowed. See details above.

Remember:   To ensure your listing is included when we launch the Fair on Saturday, March 10th:  the deadline for your payment, text & logo jpeg is Wednesday, February 28th.

Late Submissions:  We will accept submissions through Wednesday, March 7th.  These will be posted as soon as possible — but they may not all be posted by the launch of the Fair on Saturday morning, March 10th.