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Below are some of the recent issues our branch has focused on.  To learn more or to volunteer on this committee, email our Policy VP, Barbara Norum.

Activities & Resources – Violence & Sexual Harassment

Military Sexual Assault:  The Invisible War Nominated for an Oscar

AAUW is thrilled to announce that The Invisible War, a film about military sexual assault that features several LAF-supported plaintiffs, received an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary. This nomination comes as no surprise after the film received the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival and was listed as the 10th movie and the only documentary on Time‘s top 100 movies of 2012. ranked it as the best film of 2012 based on an aggregate of film reviews.

Activity/Resource:   If you haven’t seen this powerful film yet, it is available to rent from Netflix and to purchase from Amazon.   Our members are encouraged to host a screening of this film for their friends and family.

Hearings on Military Sexual Abuse

The Invisible War and the lawsuits that AAUW supports have raised the public’s awareness about military sexual abuse, and now there is enough public pressure that government leaders are addressing the issue.

    • On January 11, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights held its 2013 statutory enforcement report and briefing on sexual assault in the military, and LAF Program Manager Holly Kearl and Regulatory Affairs Manager Beth Scott attended on behalf of AAUW and Kearl wrote about it for AAUW.
    • Congress, the House Armed Services Committee Chair Howard McKeon (CA-R) has committed to holding a hearing on the issue this month in the Military Personnel Subcommittee. It may begin as early as January 23.

Crossing the Line Talks at the United Nations – Sexual Harassment in Schools

In extremely exciting news, the United Nations accepted AAUW’s proposal for a panel on sexual harassment in schools during the 2013 Commission on the Status of Women. The theme this year is “Elimination and Prevention of All Forms of Violence against Women and Girls.” The panel will take place during the parallel events for nonprofit organizations. Kearl will talk about AAUW’s findings and recommendations, and several high school students will share their experiences.

You can help!  Please consider making a tax deductable donation to the AAUW Fund to help balance the scales of justice for women.